solar therapy

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so·lar ther·a·py

treatment of disease by exposure to sunlight.
Synonym(s): solar treatment

solar therapy

Etymology: L, sol, sun; Gk, therapeia, treatment
the therapeutic use of sunlight. Also called heliotherapy.


Use of sunlight (and more generally) light from any source to provide palliation of disease; usually for dermatologic disorders, but sometimes used in seasonal affective disorder (q.v.).
Synonym(s): solar therapy.

solar therapy

Treatment with the sun's rays. Synonym: heliotherapy
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Sex ratio ([male] 0:0 1:0 [female]) N = 5 Solar treatment 7h 14h [male] [female] [male] [female] Total (T) 126 157 116 122 Mean (x) 25.
However, without proper disclosure from manufacturers, building managers may install windows or solar treatments that claim to save energy but are actually detrimental when the total environmental impact is measured.

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