solar lentigo

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 [len-ti´go] (L.)
a flat, brownish pigmented spot on the skin due to increased deposition of melanin and an increased number of melanocytes; a freckle. (See Atlas 2, Part O.)
lentigo malig´na (malignant lentigo) see lentigo maligna melanoma.
senile lentigo (lentigo seni´lis,) (solar lentigo) a small smooth round brownish patch appearing on the face, neck, or back of the hands of many older people, caused by an increase in pigment; these are entirely harmless. Although these spots are associated with aging, it is not age that is the principal cause but many years of exposure to sun and wind. Called also liver spot.

se·nile len·ti·go

a variably pigmented benign lentigo occurring on exposed skin of older white people.

actinic lentigo

An often multifocal lesion that affects sun-exposed skin of the elderly, characterised by reticulated “black ink” spots not present in unaffected regions.

solar lentigo

A flat brown spot usually appearing on sun-exposed skin, such as the face or the back of the hands. They are commonly found on the skin of elderly individuals. Although they are popularly referred to as “liver spots, ” they are not caused by diseases of the liver. Synonym: lentigo senilis
See also: lentigo
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Insizyonel biyopsilerde solar lentigo, pigmente aktinik keratoz veya retikule seboreik keratozun mevcudiyeti klinisyeni ve patologu yaniltabilir.
LM, solar lentigo, pigmente aktinik keratoz veya retikule seboreik keratoz gibi pigmente lezyonlarla sik birlikte oldugu icin bu lezyonlarda dogru ornekleme ve patolog-klinisyen isbirligine dikkati cekmek istedik.
Age, y/Sex Site Diagnosis 4 17/F Cheek Folliculitis 10 55/F Leg Basal cell carcinoma 38 37/F Cheek Fibrous papule 45 38/F Back Solar lentigo 105 75/F Arm Scar 113 69/M Finger Actinic keratosis 125 40/F Unknown Basal cell carcinoma 160 69/M Canthus Ruptured cyst 189 44/F Chest Hemangioma 225 70/F Nose Seborrheic keratosis 296 64/M Forehead Basal cell carcinoma 307 46/M Forehead Basal cell carcinoma 345 72/M Breast Verrucous keratosis 346 77/F Breast Benign lichenoid keratosis 407 67/F Cheek Actinic keratosis 432 44/F Neck Syringoma 447 37/F Shoulder Benign lichenoid keratosis 472 56/F Nose Fibrous papule 479 42/F Shoulder Nevus Case No.
Patients should consult their physician or a dermatologist for more information on solar lentigo or possible courses of treatment.
The pigmented lesions treated are primarily Solar Lentigo, better known as age-spots or sunspots.