solar energy

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so·lar en·er·gy

energy derived from sunlight.
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The Minister of Industry stressed that the solar energy project represents one of the projects of the economic and social benefit, which is concerned with the exploitation of the solar energy resources that Sudan enjoys and can be exploited in irrigation and other uses.
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The solution to this storage problem is to let your power company use your excess solar energy to supply power to its other customers.
Among renewable energy sources, Iran has a high solar energy potential.
Through the company's financing relationships, a customer can finance ownership of a residential solar energy system with no money down.
Awareness campaign should be started from DISCOs as they were afraid from the revenue losses, the official said adding that some private companies are producing solar energy.
The two major direct solar energy conversion technologies are PV and solar thermal.
95,000); generator running both on diesel and solar energy (min.
2,088 villages in Sohag are lit using solar energy, whereas Matruh governorate is using solar energy to light the Salloum landport, Labib noted.
Using solar energy will lessen pollution which damages the natural environment that leads to global warming," Olivarez said.
Over the past 4 years CISOLAR has become the main platform for business communication of the solar energy market players, whose activities are related to the operation and development of the new projects in the region of Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union countries and Central Asia.
Morley presents a collection of scholarly articles and essays regarding the promotion of solar energy use and adoption through the leveraging of local policy and citizen action.

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