solar energy

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so·lar en·er·gy

energy derived from sunlight.
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On 16-17th of April 2015 Baku (Azerbaijan) will be hosting one of the key events in the field of solar energy - CISOLAR-2015 4th International Conference and Exhibition "The development of the solar energy industry in the region of South Caucasus, Eastern Europe and Central Asia".
The cost of installation of a 550 watt smaller solar energy system is around Rs 110,000-130,000 which is beyond the affordability limits of many, he said.
But to be effective, solar cell designers need to ensure the connecting junctions between these stacked cells do not absorb any of the solar energy and do not siphon off the voltage the cells produce - effectively wasting that energy as heat.
Chief Executive of First Energy Bank Vahan Zanoyan said "renewable energy resources remain a global priority", adding that the use of solar energy will flourish in the Middle East and North Africa because it is a "reasonable option.
As oil prices soar to record levels, thrifty quantum dots promise to give solar energy in particular an even more powerful appeal.
It doesn't make any sense at all for companies not to be doing it,'' said Donald Aitken, an eminent solar energy expert and senior consulting scientist for energy department of the Union of Concerned Scientists.
This is an overview of authorized programs that can make it easier and more affordable for consumers, farmers and ranchers and other business owners to install and use cost-effective solar energy systems for heat and electricity.
According to Scott Sklar, executive director of the Solar Energy Industries Association, 70 percent of the photovoltaic cells produced in the United States are shipped overseas, primarily to energy-deprived third-world countries.
Such limitations are one reason solar energy isn't used more widely today, says solar-energy expert Basore.
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