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softening of a part or tissue related to a disease or other abnormal condition.
tracheal malacia tracheomalacia.


/sof·ten·ing/ (sof´en-ing) malacia.


The process of becoming soft. Synonym: malacia

softening of bones


softening of brain

See: encephalomalacia

white softening

The stage of softening of tissue in which the affected area has become white and anemic.


a change of consistency, with loss of firmness or hardness.
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com/) today announced its water softening systems are now available at RC Willey (http://www.
Americhem's mBrace softening additive is customizable, allowing nonwoven producers to set their desired softness levels.
The fourth quarter is expected to show the usual seasonal improvement, although GKN warned that softening markets are expected to have some impact on the performance.
Softening points (Figure 1) probably are the most common property measured by TMA.
Elements of nature and illustration are softening the contemporary look as well.
Ecover, Seventh Generation, EnviroRite and Natural Value all make nontoxic products, and a half cup of vinegar per load can be used for the softening effects.
He adds that a number of large consumers in the South have dropped out of the market for the time being, which is contributing to the softening of the market.
The report is more proof that the long anticipated price softening is firmly entrenched.
New York residential market is definitely softening, but developers can still make a profit if they know their target audience.
Gary Ransom, property/casualty equity analyst with Fox-Pitt, Kelton, said property/casualty insurers "are looking at some headwinds" as pricing declines in time with the softening of the market cycle.
Softening the vinyl made it suitable for rotomolding.
Barone applauds the civil-rights movement, but nevertheless sees it as contributing to a destructive softening in education.