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1. That which lacks statistical significance–ie, a statistical 'p' value > 0.05, as in 'soft' data or 'soft' risk factors. Cf Fragile data.
2. That which is socially regarded as relatively innocuous, as in 'soft' drugs–eg, nicotine or alcohol where dependence is often considered psychological or.
3. That which is not based on objective data, as in the 'soft' sciences of psychology or sociology.


(sŏft) [AS. softe]
Not hard, firm, or solid.


lacking in firmness.

soft fat
unpleasant soft fat occurs in pigs fed for too long on kitchen swill.
soft khaki weed
soft palate myositis
a cause of dorsal displacement of the soft palate in horses, resulting in chronic obstruction of the airway during exercise.
soft rolypoly
soft rush
soft shell disease
fish eggs lose their turgidity and become flat and wrinkled; the cause is unknown.
soft shelled eggs
hen eggs with soft shells occur in birds affected by avian infectious bronchitis and can persist for a long time into the recovery period.
soft ticks
ticks lacking a dorsal shield or scutum; members of the family Argasidae, e.g. Argas persicus. Called also nonscutate.
soft tissue
tissue other than bone and cartilage.
soft x-ray beam
made at low kVp output. The beam has low energy and weak penetration.

Patient discussion about soft

Q. Is it healthy to have a soft belly? I do not have a huge belly, but it is round and soft with no muscle tone with a fat layer.

A. The fat is more problematic than the muscle tone, and it's considered as a risk factor for heart diseases and others. Low muscle tone or strength of the muscles of the abdomen may lead to problems like hyperlordosis (lower back that is too curved backward) but these are usually treated, if necessary by strengthening these muscles, so usually it doesn't pose a substantial risk.

Q. For the past 6 months I have been trying to loose weight. For the past 6 months I have been trying to loose weight and I succeeded in that. But I feel to be heavy now. Why did this happened? Or is it just a feel?

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Never be afraid of a soft-boiled egg," he told her.
More conventional were the tiny scotch eggs that were also served - the sausage-meat coating punchy, the soft-boiled quail's egg yolk runny and soothing.
Pasteurizing eggs is simply the best way to allow consumers to enjoy soft-boiled, over easy and sunny-side up eggs, as well as holiday favorites like egg nog and French silk pie, without the worry of egg-related salmonella poisoning.
A simple glass of fine Champagne (or hairy dog to you and I) with steamed asparagus wrapped in Parma ham then roasted, ready to dip into a soft-boiled duck egg.
I had a terrific steak with marrowbone sauce and a plate of the very newest baby asparagus with a soft-boiled pheasant egg which I think was a first for me.
Soft-boiled eggs, according to Farmhouse Breakfast Week.
WHAT could be better this Easter than coming down to a breakfast of perfectly-cooked soft-boiled eggs and toast soldiers?
But he explained, "It's as if you are holding soft-boiled eggs at the curve of your fingers when they make a loose fist.
I don't like her myself - a bit of a spacehead," said Steven, who would take four minutes over a soft-boiled egg and ten for hard boiled.
He said he would continue probing the ranks of opponents to find the crucial vote to pass his amendment, despite the risk of appearing to be ``looking for a wishbone in a soft-boiled egg.
And what about soft-boiled eggs in which the yolks are only partially cooked?