mediastinal window

(redirected from soft tissue window)

me·di·as·ti·nal win·dow

CT settings of window level and width appropriate to showing soft tissue structures.
Synonym(s): soft tissue window
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5mm reconstructed images in bone window and 3mm images in soft tissue window were viewed on 5.
Caption: FIGURE 6: Midsagittal CT soft tissue window demonstrating prevertebral soft tissue swelling of 16.
Sixteen-slice computed tomography scan revealed the middle lobe of right lung was detected atelectasis in lung window because of compression from enlarged esophagus, and upper esophagus expanded obviously [Figure 1]d, lower esophagus and cardia became significantly narrow and mucous membrane around of this area also was thick in soft tissue window.
Contrast enhanced lesions visualized in soft tissue window using raw data process.
We wished to determine if there was a significant difference between the measurements of compressed airway diameter in the axial plane compared with measurements of diameter using MPR for determining longitudinal axis of the airway; and to evaluate how measurements on lung window settings compare with soft tissue window settings.
All measurements were performed both in soft tissue window (Window 350/Level 50) and lung window (Window 1600/Level 500) settings (Figs 1C and 1D).
8 and 9: Soft tissue window images showing metastatic deposits in the chest wall.
10: CT scan of the pelvis, Soft tissue window showing lytic lesion in the right ilium with soft tissue component into the gluteal muscles, displacing the fat planes between them.
1a: Axial CECT chest in soft tissue window showing left side nodular pleura with circumferential thickening and right pleural plaque with calcification and minimal right pleural effusion.
1b: Coronal CECT chest in soft tissue window showing left massive pleural effusion with
Bone and soft tissue windows from CT imaging confirmed the lytic expansile lesion of the sacrum with amorphous intralesional calcification (Figures 2 and 3).