soft fibroma

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soft fibroma

a fibroma that contains many cells. Also called fibroma molle [mol′ē] .


a tumor composed mainly of fibrous or fully developed connective tissue. Their common association with particular sites, e.g. nasal, genital, laryngeal, falx cerebri, results in some well-identified clinical syndromes. See also interdigital fibroma, myxomatosis.

ameloblastic fibroma
an odontogenic fibroma, marked by simultaneous proliferation of both epithelial and mesenchymal tissue, without formation of enamel or dentine. A rare tumor recorded in calves and young cats. It behaves like an ameloblastoma. Called also fibroameloblastoma.
cementifying fibroma
cementoblastoma; a tumor usually occurring in the mandible consisting of fibroblastic tissue containing masses of cementum-like tissue.
chondromyxoid fibroma of bone
a benign slowly growing tumor of chondroblastic origin, usually affecting the long bones.
cystic fibroma
one that has undergone cystic degeneration.
fibroma myxomatodes
myxofibroma; a fibroma containing myxomatous tissue.
nonossifying fibroma
a rare benign tumor of bone derived from fibrous tissue in the bone cortex.
nonosteogenic fibroma
a degenerative and proliferative lesion of the medullary and cortical tissues of bone.
odontogenic fibroma
a benign tumor of the jaw arising from the embryonic portion of the tooth germ, the dental papilla, or dental follicle, or later from the periodontal membrane.
ossifying fibroma, ossifying fibroma of bone
a benign, relatively slow-growing, central bone tumor, usually of the jaws, especially the mandible, which is composed of fibrous connective tissue within which bone is formed.
Shope rabbit fibroma
a transmissible disease of rabbits caused by a poxvirus found only in the tumors. The virus is closely related to that of myxomatosis. Clinically there are one or more subcutaneous tumors which grow rapidly and then regress in the domestic rabbit but grow very slowly in the cottontail rabbit. Fibroma virus has been used as a vaccine against myxomatosis. See also berry-dedrick phenomenon.
soft fibroma
see fibrovascular papilloma.
squirrel fibroma
see squirrel fibroma.