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Patients should be evaluated by the emergency room physician, given oral antibiotics, placed on a soft diet, referred to a plastic surgeon, and be treated operatively in the near future.
TMJ implants also can be used to treat temporomandibular disorder (TMD) that has not responded to more conservative treatments such as limiting jaw movement, soft diet, jaw splint or adjustments, medicine to reduce pain, or physical therapy.
He was discharged on postoperative day 1 on amoxicillin, prednisone, strict voice rest, and a soft diet.
My elderly aunt is coming for a meal this weekend but I do not know what food to give her as she has recently left hospital and is eating a soft diet.
Mrs Casey told the coroner: "He was aware he was on a soft diet, but asked for toast.
Critics claim he has been fed on a soft diet of pushovers that suited TV commitments.
Their patients with sensate flaps achieved a soft diet on average, but their patients with insensate flaps only averaged a diet between liquid and part oral/part nonoral.