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Sodium thiosulfate is thought to dissolve calcium deposits in tissues by forming soluble calcium thiosulfate complexes and may also act as an antioxidant to improve endothelial dysfunction and reduce pain (Hayden et al.
Sixteen boards (eight from each tree source) were given a 1-minute dip in either water (controls), sodium thiosulfate (5% active ingredient), or the experimental fungicide combination (equal amounts of chlorothalonil and methylene bis[thiocyanate]) to provide 0.
1] (mol/g), (2) where, N was the concentration of sodium thiosulfate standard solution, which was 0.
American Regent recalled Sodium Thiosulfate Injection lot #0056 on February 2, 2011 in consideration of the potential for safety issues if this lot of product was administered to patients.
SJ will need to be monitored for after she received sodium thiosulfate would include:
Sodium thiosulfate is used clinically as an antidote for cyanide poisoning and nitroprusside overdose.
No other lots or sizes of Sodium Thiosulfate Injection, USP are subject to this voluntary recall.
2] solution used in the titration of the sodium thiosulfate solutions for the control and activated sample, respectively, N is the normality of [I.
Although the issue is still debated in the medical community, Eckerman firmly believes that sodium thiosulfate should have been widely used as an antidote for the exposed victims: Eckerman concludes that sodium thiosulfate must have been necessary, not because of patient presentation, but because Union Carbide withdrew the initial recommendation for use of the cyanide antidote.
5% had a positive test result to gold sodium thiosulfate (Am.
The products contain a Sodium Thiosulfate injection and a Sodium Nitrite injection in vials, along with components such as needles, tubing, and a syringe.