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Sodium Sulfide also finds its find in are ore flotation, oil recovery, food preservative, making dyes, detergents etc.
For a detail understanding on sodium sulphide and its industry one can refer to the report 2015 Deep Research Report on Global Sodium Sulfide Industry (http://www.
The report has been compiled from the inputs provided by various experts of the global Sodium Sulfide industry and also data gathered from various research surveys conducted among technical experts and marketing engineers.
Sodium Sulfide International and China Market Analysis
Sodium Sulfide Production by Regions by Technology by Applications 2009-2014
Sodium Sulfide Manufacturing Process and Cost Structure
Sodium Sulfide Productions Supply Sales Sales Market Status and Forecast 2009-2014
Sodium Sulfide Industry Development Trend 2015-2020
Based upon research on the bioactivity of the gaseous signaling molecule hydrogen sulfide, or H2S, Ikaria is investigating the impact of the sulfide ion, administered as sodium sulfide, in a number of disease models.
The polysulfide process modifies conventional white cooking liquor to orange liquor (named due to the characteristic color of the modified liquor) by oxidizing sodium sulfide in the liquor to polysulfide.
This analysis can then be used to infer concentrations of sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfide, dissolved lignin, dissolved total solids and total dissolved organic materials on a continuing, real-time basis during pulping reaction.
The Group has invested substantial resources in technical and process improvement for yellow-flake Sodium Sulfide and Carbon White, to keep their leading position in China for these products.