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Cardiotonic steroids: potential endogenous sodium pump ligands with diverse function.
Sodium pump isoform specificity for the digitalis-like factor isolated from human peritoneal dialysis.
Marinobufagenin, an endogenous [alpha]-1 sodium pump ligand, in hypertensioe Dahl salt-sensitive rats.
Studies on the alterations in sodium pump activity and abundance in HF have been controversial.
The rationale for this is that these compounds regulate sodium pump activity, which in turn affects intracellular calcium homeostasis--an important component of remodeling in the failing heart.
For sodium pump inhibition assays, disposable nonsterile 96-well flat-bottomed polystyrene microtiter plates were purchased from Corning, and the absorbance was measured on a Multiskan MCC/340 Microplate Reader II (DuPont).
5 min) were each resuspended in ddH20 to measure ouabain-sensitive sodium pump inhibition or in plasma to measure immunoreactivity.
Bovine adrenals contain in addition to ouabain, a second inhibitor of the sodium pump.
Endogenous sodium pump inhibitors and blood pressure regulation: an update on recent progress.
He recalls that when a senior scientist at Upjohn first told him of the preliminary evidence for ouabain, he assumed the scientist was joking, since researchers routinely reach for a bottle of commercial ouabain to conduct experiments involving cellular sodium pumps.