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Relating to or containing soda or sodium.
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The experimental site (147[degrees]58'45E, 32[degrees]47'45S) was selected for the field study because it had sodic properties, was originally a degraded landscape, had no previous addition of lime and gypsum, had no mechanical disturbance since amendment application, was a regenerating site (in this case the years of regeneration from dryland cropping), and had a record of original application rates and procedures.
SODIC, with a market capitalization of nearly $250 million, has asked banks to arrange a new syndicated loan that would allow it to free up existing cash for new opportunities.
There are still domestic savings, there are still people who need homes, there are people who are worried about potential inflation and are looking for hedges," Maher Maksoud, chief executive officer of SODIC, told Reuters.
Mahmoud Mohieldin, former Minister of Investment, SODIC and YAL signed a Memorandum of Understanding, in which SODIC supports the YAL Global Action Program and Youth Outreach Program in Egypt, which target the following areas: Youth Outreach, Learning for Life Development Courses and the re-launch of the YAL Egypt Country Office.
Controlling and measuring various physicochemical parameters during field study, under variable conditions of sodic soils, can lead to complex and variable measured values (Commandeur 1992).
The reduced pH, ESP and free lime content of both depths in calcareous sodic soils were attributed to highly acidic in nature (pH 3.
Like the Baron Empain before them, SODIC planners considered climate and culture in their designs.
Badrawi joined SODIC in 2006 as head of business development.
Summary: SODIC , one of Egypt's largest listed real estate developers, plans to invest 2.
Today SODIC announced that it obtained the construction permits for the first phases of its Eastown project in New Cairo, enabling construction to commence this month.
SODIC, among the most populous Arab nation's biggest developers, reported a modest profit of 6 million Egyptian Pounds
Leading Egyptian real estate developer Sodic that Salah Shafei has resigned from his position as chief financial officer, to be succeeded by Omar El-Hamawy, effective May 31.