ball and socket joint

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ball and sock·et joint

a multiaxial synovial joint in which a more or less extensive sphere on the head of one bone fits into a rounded cavity in the other bone, as in the hip joint.

ball-and-socket joint

The most freely movable type of synovial joint, in which the ball-like end of one bone (e.g., the humerus, femur) is surrounded by a spherical cartilaginous encasement, or “socket” (e.g., hip joint), or a group of structures that act as a functionally spherical encasement (e.g., shoulder joint), which allows free mobility of the articulating bone.
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The British Hip Society has issued guidance on the investigations required to determine if a hip implant system is failing due to the ball and socket joint used by the DePuy system.
I had a month off with scans which revealed in my hip joint, the ball and socket joint, the top part of the femur was not getting any blood supply which meant the bone was starting to crumble a little bit.
This condition is best treated by removing the affected femoral head and neck, or the ball part of the hip's ball and socket joint.
The researchers at Rush found that 78 percent of athletes suffering from hip labral tear caused by internal ball and socket joint damage to the hip were able to return to their sport within an average of a little more than nine months following the surgery.
This major joint in the shoulder - the ball and socket joint - is sometimes affected by osteoarthritis, causing pain, loss of function, and reduced quality of life.
The patient had been operated on for a broken femur five months before and this time X-rays revealed fractures to the neck of femur - the ball and socket joint at the top of the leg - and also the proximal tibia - the flat section at the top of the shin bone.
In most existing mechanisms, the glenohumeral joint is modeled as a 3-DOF ball and socket joint and therefore, it doesn't include translation of the glenohumeral joint and thus of centers of rotation.
It caused the ball and socket joint in his left hip to break down.
An operation to treat hip pain as a result of arthritis, a progressive disease which wears away the smooth cartilage lining of the hip's ball and socket joint.
As a rule, these are extruded with a socket and spigot, so that the socket joint automatically becomes an integrated part of the finished product.
The Shielded Reamer incorporates a ball and socket joint that articulates in the middle of the assembly easing pull loads during product installation.
When it comes to twisting movements, the ball and socket joint is the king.