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n 1. the art and science of governance, particularly in a democracy or collegial body.
2. the interpersonal relationships noted within group interactions such as can occur in a dental office or clinic.
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Through survey data collected from over 1,400 Black, Latino, and Asian/Pacific Islander gay and bisexual men who took part in the Social Justice Sexuality Survey--a survey that measures the experiences of LGBT people of color (POC)--this paper explores how a sense of belonging is related to levels of sociopolitical involvement.
But Stutzman's sociopolitical, virtually atheological version of Jesus' kingdom (as helpful as his nine appeals on pp.
Sociopolitical inequities in access to resources, in addition to a range of sociopolitical barriers (Blustein et al.
By "wedding sociopolitical critique with autobiographical exegesis," he writes of both the personal and corporate challenge of John of Patmos.
Liberty (from the Latin liber, meaning free rather than slave) is the sociopolitical aspect of freedom.
The sociopolitical connections between reggae and the times are also profiled in the book.
At least as an American observer, for whom studies in the Canadian history of Christianity always occasion larger comparative ruminations, I am even more struck by several other conclusions, especially that geography matters, that chronology matters, and that sociopolitical contexts matter.
Writing the Reformation contributes to the rising tide of voices that is elevating early modern England's religious beliefs and movements to their previous dominance before various new secular historicisms made their important contributions to our understanding from sociopolitical and economic and cultural perspectives.
Our educational problems are inevitably emblematic of the fragmented state of our culture and of our sociopolitical conditions, as both Danielson's and Bertonneau's essays disclose both directly and indirectly.
The author argues that the Islamist movement hopes by all means to redirect the sociopolitical evolution of Algeria through "cultural re-colonization.
INTERACTIONS BETWEEN the realities of salvation and sociopolitical liberation are as complex as they are pivotal for the communication of God's abiding concern for ecohuman well-being amid real histories of suffering.
An increasing number of business leaders believe that the economic climate for expansion is improving, but most remain very concerned about the sociopolitical climate.