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pertaining to societies or other groups of people.
social anxiety disorder social phobia.
social breakdown syndrome deterioration of social and interpersonal skills, work habits, and behavior seen in chronically hospitalized psychiatric patients. Symptoms are due to the effects of long term hospitalization rather than the primary illness, and include excessive passivity, assumption of the chronic sick role, withdrawal, and apathy. Such effects are also seen in long term inmates of prisons or concentration camps. Called also institutionalism.
social worker a professional trained in the treatment of psychosocial problems of patients and their families. Family social workers practice social case work. Psychiatric social workers practice various forms of counseling and group or individual psychotherapy. Most social workers have a master's degree in social work (M.S.W.). There are also bachelor's (B.S.W.) and doctoral (D.S.W.) degrees in social work.


a. Of or relating to human society and its modes of organization: social classes; social problems; a social issue.
b. Of or relating to rank and status in society: social standing.
c. Of, relating to, or occupied with matters affecting human welfare: social programs.
a. Interacting with other people and living in communities: Humans are social creatures.
b. Biology Living together in organized groups or similar close aggregates: Ants are social insects.

so′cial·ly adv.


pertaining to societies or other groups of people.


pertaining to living in a community.

social behavior
behavior of an animal to others in its social group of herd, flock, neighbors. See also social behavior.
social benefits
the benefits to a community that cannot be measured by material values, better social justice, freedom from fear, improvement in educational facilities. The fundamental parameter in a cost-benefit analysis.
social costs
the costs incurred by society as a whole rather than by individuals. Used in the estimation of benefit-cost analysis.
social distance
average distance between animals in a community. An expression of the concentration of the animals in the environment.
social dominance heirarchy
social order.
social order
the ranking in which a group of animals establishes itself with the most dominant one in the number one position and the most retiring one in the last position. The order is maintained unless new animals are introduced.
social organization
an aggregation of individual animals into an integrated group based on the interdependence of the animals and their responses to each other.
social stress
thought to be a common cause of illness in domestic pets and to a less extent in pigs, e.g. in esophagogastric ulcer.

Patient discussion about social

Q. how to treat my social phobia?

A. there is a protocol for treating any kinds of phobias. it requires time and a psychologist. it's consisted of learning relaxation methods and doing everything in small steps until you can handle your phobia.

Q. Social Anxiety I have found myself wondering more and more about social anxiety. My partner seemed to develop social anxiety around the same time she was diagnosed bipolar. i am wondering how many of you also suffer from soical anxiety and if you feel it is a result of bipolar disorder (perhaps personal knowledge of the possible behaviours associated with the illness) or if it is a seperate and unrelated symptom?

A. hi,
social anxiety disorder is best defeated by groups like
the Toastmasters International or the dale carnegie course.
The nwork without drugs

Q. I am a social drinker and not an alcoholic. I am a social drinker and not an alcoholic. I had mild drink while being in college. I drink occasionally but get hit by these symptoms. Last night I only had rum & coke and a bottle of cider, and today I'm ill again. I mean, I know people get hangovers, but it seems like alcohol has a dramatic effect on my immune system.

A. Everyones system is different--YOUR body is telling you something?--maybe you shouldnt drink any more?----mrfoot56

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