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The results of the items on social stress are presented in Table 3.
The Index of Social Stress (ISS) was generated through the use of five derived variables using the 2000 census data.
Social defeat and subordination as models of social stress in laboratory rodents: A review.
Of the interpersonal characteristics, social stress and the interaction effects for classmate support and interpersonal relations were significantly related to victimization.
Long-term effects of social stress on brain and behavior: a focus on hippocampal functioning.
The Court stated, "Lifting a ban on publication makes the young person vulnerable to greater psychological and social stress .
Among various types of stress, in this study, three different types of social stress were defined and examined: general social stress, process-oriented stress, and discrimination (Chavez, Moran, Reid, & Lopez, 1997; Compas, Orosan, & Grant, 1993).
Indeed, it's not just conservatives: Political scientist William Galston, a former adviser to President Clinton, has argued that marriage is a key component of poverty alleviation, and that government must "strengthen [two-parent] families by promoting their formation, assisting their efforts to cope with contemporary economic and social stress, and retarding their breakdown whenever possible.
External stress originates outside the relationship and includes work related stress, financial difficulties, stress related to children, social stress, and stress related to the extended family.
Challenges to nursing practice come in the form of questionable use of unlicensed assistive personnel, lack of appropriate resources, a community that is under social stress with increased levels of drug use, and an inability to pay for services.
He imagined her being back home with no further courage to go on with the case against her husband, ready only for another circle of extreme social stress, another day of severe financial constraints and, most tragically, another turn of powerful blows to her soul and body.