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Theories include Maslow's hierarchy of needs, flow, mindfulness, personality trait and type theory, theory of mind and emotional intelligence, resilience, groupthink, attractiveness theory, behavioral interviewing, social loafing theory, social learning theory, and organizational justice.
In this study, we investigate how the effects of social loafing and social comparison affect team performance when teams engage in anonymous and asynchronous electronic ideation.
Any member of public interested in health and fitness; exercise and sport or wants to understand what the obscure terms mean, like jogger's nipple, social loafing, and Zatopek phenomenon will also benefit from this book.
social loafing issues such as free-riding and the sucker effect exist.
Referred to as social loafing in the social psychology literature, it is the tendency for people to take on less responsibility when their efforts are pooled in pursuit of a shared goal compared with responsibility on individually assigned tasks (Sweeney 1973; Ingham et al.
Social loafing, also called free-riding, is another potential pitfall of brainstorming activities.
Whereas social loafing and social facilitation have been empirically linked in past experiments, social loafing and deindividuation have not.
The concepts of deindividuation and social loafing suggest ways to promote the positive effects of anonymity and deal with its challenges.
The phenomenon that average individual performance decreases with increasing group size has become known as the Ringelmann Effect or, more recently, social loafing.
That is, social loafing is more prominent when no external competitors exist to create a demand for action or evaluation.