social control

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so·cial con·trol

the influence on the behavior of a person exerted by other people or by society as a whole; for example, through appropriate social norms, ostracism, or the criminal law.
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Social control entails rules that govern human behavior.
For the integrated analysis of social control mechanisms and collective action, social control has to be conceptualized.
This response also became necessary after some traditional social control techniques were criminalized under Euro-Canadian law.
For in spite of such self awareness, the countervailing forces of social control seem too powerful for many of them to overcome.
Social control theory has long been used to explain crime and delinquency in general (Parcel & Dufur, 2001; Sampson & Luab, 1993).
But ignorance is the most effective means of social control that I know.
This interest was fueled by several factors: persistent continued growth of incarceration through the 1990s, even as crime rates fell nationally for over seven years; (1) persistent racial disparities in incarceration; (2) assessments of the collateral consequences of incarceration that potentially aggravate the causal dynamics that lead to elevated crime rates; (3) rapid growth in the number of returning prisoners to their communities; (4) an influx that may strain social control in neighborhoods where social and economic disadvantages have already created acute crime risks.
Rael argues that, once race began to solidify as a means of social control, the black elite used this fact to its advantage, forming a rhetorical bond to lower-class blacks that served to authenticate a black elite space in the public sphere.
Social control in society has been prevalent throughout history.
Film was seen as a medium of mass communication and therefore of social control.
It has also, for the first time, opened the door to local ecologists, inviting them to sit on a new social control commission that reviews company environmental programs and evaluates progress.
1999), with the latter also a country under nonmilitary but militarized social control.