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It was one of his sober days; and, for the first time, a word from me seemed to have an effect on him.
I carried on shore with me the young man whose mother was starved to death, and the maid also; she was a sober, well-educated, religious young woman, and behaved so inoffensively that every one gave her a good word; she had, indeed, an unhappy life with us, there being no woman in the ship but herself, but she bore it with patience.
But justice demands of me to give him a due character; and I must say, he was a grave, sober, pious, and most religious person; exact in his life, extensive in his charity, and exemplary in almost everything he did.
The party broke up in very sober fashion at five o'clock.
ALASTAIR Cook's ability to "live calm" will cement his place among the England greats, according to Sir Garfield Sobers.
Sobers made this claim in a book released in England titled "In a League of Their Own: 100 Cricket Legends Select Their World XI".
PROBABLY the most famous cricket ball hit for six was that struck by Gary, now Sir Garfield, Sobers in his legendary over of six sixes for Nottinghamshire against Glamorgan at St Helen's cricket ground in Swansea on August 31, 1968.
21 (ANI): Former West Indies star Gary Sobers has said that India and Australia are his favourites for wresting this year's Twenty20 World Cup title, but adds that England and the West Indies also possess the wares to deliver.
The Former West Indies all-rounder first met a teenage Cook at the Sir Garry Sobers International Schools Cricket Tournament - and believes the 30-year-old has turned his promise at Bedford School into more than 9,000 Test-match runs because he has been "a model" of humility.
Cricket legend Sobers - now Sir Garfield - and his quick-bowling West Indies Test T colleague Roy Gilchrist, who was in the Golcar team, drew a crowd of around 1,200 spectators to West View Rise in 1964, where the gate receipts were PS54.
WHO: Sean Sobers, corporate vice president and controller, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
3 ( ANI ): Proteas all-rounder Jacques Kallis probably lives under the shadow of West Indies legend Garry Sobers, according to some famous figures from the cricketing world.