soapsuds enema

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soap·suds en·e·ma

an enema of shredded or powdered soap in warm water.

soapsuds enema (SSE)

Etymology: L, sapo + D, sudse, marsh water; Gk, enienai
an evacuant enema made of 1 ounce of soft soap dissolved in 2 pints of hot water and administered at a temperature of 100° F (38° C). It acts by irritating the colon and stimulating peristalsis.

soapsuds enema

An enema consisting of prepared soapsuds or, if liquid soap is used, 30 mL of liquid soap to (1000 mL of water. Strong soapsuds should not be used because of the danger of injuring intestinal mucosa. Mild white soaps, such as castile, are best.
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