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The lower snowpack also has affected lake levels, reducing access to boat ramps.
While the snow melt this cold March has been gradual, the NERFC in its April 1 briefing says there is a chance of some flooding this spring as the deep snowpack in southern Vermont melts.
In Western states where snowmelt accounts for the majority of seasonal water supply, information about snowpack serves as an indicator of future water availability.
The snowpack maps enabled them to achieve near-perfect water operations during the driest year in California history.
As in Oregon, which depends on Cascade Range winter snowpack for much of the water in the populous Willamette Valley, there may be significant impacts on ecosystems, agriculture, hydropower, industry, municipalities and recreation, especially in summer when water demands peak.
CAIC forecaster Spencer Logan said there had been weak layers in Colorado's snowpack since early January.
Mountain snowpack is a natural reservoir in most of the West--the winter's precipitation is held in the high country and metered out through the spring, summer and early fall.
Larson's group is the first to use traditional GPS receivers, which were designed for use by surveyors and scientists to measure plate tectonics and geological processes, to assess snowpack, soil moisture and vegetation moisture.
Last year on April 1, the snowpack only had 40 percent of its normal water content, leaving reservoirs drier than usual.
The avalanches that are hardest to predict occur when there's a wide temperature range within the snowpack, Dozier says.
The sun will be not only shining directly clown on you but also reflected up from the pure white snowpack.
The utility also is working on a larger scale to provide habitat and reduce surface runoff, as well as protect snowpack, which acts as a massive reservoir of water.