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The momentary conditions of the atmosphere.

Six main components
Temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind, humidity, precipitation, cloudiness.

See Health forecasting.

Vox populi
verb To bear through an unpleasant time or activity (i.e., to weather through the final semester).


Vox populi That which people talk about when everything else is taboo
Weather US record-holders–Natl Weather Serv
Coldest Average temperature–36.4ºF–Intl Falls, MN
Warmest–77.7ºF–Key West, FL
Driest–2.65 inches–Yuma, AZ
Wettest–104.5 inches rainfall–Quillayute, WA
Cloudiest–242 cloudy days–Quillayute, WA
Snowiest–243.2 inches of snow–Blue Canyon, CA
Sunniest–348 sunny days–Yuma, AZ
Windiest–15.4 mph–Blue Hill, MA
Note: For international figures, visit list.htm


climate, climatic conditions.

weather stain
said of wool. See fleece rot.
weather stress
cold, heat, wet stress.

Patient discussion about weather

Q. can places with a very different weather make you allergic to something you werent allergic to before? my sister just went to England and she doesn't stop sneezing. We all thought she cought a cold but it's been like 8 days now and her eyes are teary and a she just got a small rash on her right arm. are these all even related? I guess we're an allergic family...

A. but how can you actually tell what the allergy is caused by? I mean- there are so many new things in her area now- it can be anything...

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We don't have that far to go to get into one of the top-10 snowiest winters," said NWS meteorologist Nicole Belk.
In the far-off days before track suits, on the coldest, snowiest day of each year the tough-guy PE coach would join forces with the sissy music master to announce a double-length cross country for the entire junior year "except for those invited to attend the G&S audition".
Detroit has seen its snowiest year on record, and in some areas, snow removal costs are up 200 percent this year over last.
Across the US, this is shaping up as one of the snowiest winters on record.
Brett Ferres has been unfortunate enough to play in Super League's two coldest and snowiest fixtures
Not every neutral year is a snowy year, but the snowiest years tend to be neutral years.
Deep Ice Coring Project currently being conducted in one of the snowiest regions of the West Antarctica Ice Sheet (WAIS) for studies of climate, ice sheet history and cryobiology.
As of April 7, Anchorage had the snowiest winter on record: more than 133 inches during the winter months.
They chose wisely: The 1992-93 winter was one of the coldest and snowiest in Armenia's modern memory.
What really interests Burroughs is not the physical properties of Barsoom but the strange taxonomy of its mostly primitive inhabitants, which he lovingly describes, especially the Tharks, a race of giant green-skinned, four-armed nomads with tusks that "curve upward to sharp points which end about where the eyes of earthly human beings are located" and whose whiteness "is not that of ivory, but of the snowiest and most gleaming of china.
We're looking forward to February and especially March, which is one of the snowiest months in Colorado.
But the race became known as snowiest ever recorded at the famous circuit.