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sneha (snāˑ·h),

n in Ayurveda, a method of medicine preparation in which lightly heated oil or ghee is infused with herbs and/or herbal extracts.
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Shikanova tried to rally in the second set but Sneha checked her comeback with some fine serves to take the contest after 68 minutes.
Nights often bring memories of the past in form of broken lines and two lost souls from different cities, Nikhil Chandwani and Sneha Alwani, have come together to compile feelings in form of a book.
Caption: Sneha Mehta wrote a letter to her unborn child after surviving the terrorist attack at the Brussels Airport.
Sneha took this to mean he had been refusing to sleep with Anni, who believed he was using his supposed testosterone problem as an excuse to avoid having sex with her.
According to Sneha, this means identifying travel dates and offering group tour options, hotel-to-hotel shared transfer by bus or train as taxis can be expensive, B&B accommodation and sight-seeing clubbed with guided tours.
Actor Allu Arjun and his wife Sneha Reddy have become parents to a baby boy.
Sneha Madhavan-Reese compresses what could have been written as a long dramatic story into just a few lines, keeping the story's mystery and energy intact.
HSBC's corporate banking team in Yorkshire and the North East has welcomed Sneha Manohar to a new role as international manager from the bank's New York office.
Tearful Anni summoned Sneha Hindocha - her best friend - to share her honeymoon suite after Shrien Dewani allegedly would not consummate their union.
WESTBORO - Sneha Subramaniam, a senior at Westboro High School, is the winner of the 2012 Deborah A.
The latest headcount reduction led to job losses mainly in sales and trading, with Sneha Sanghvi, the co-head of Morgan Stanley's fixed-income sales in Southeast Asia, being the highest-ranking employee terminated.