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Air India has not specified the nature of the snag that resulted in the delay on Saturday.
Thus, we used two-sample t-tests assuming unequal variance to compare nest and snag heights, and the ratios between countries (Van Emden 2008).
SNAG THIS SIGN Like Mama said, the way to a boy's heart is through his tummy.
The biologist helped the students understand the many ways a dead snag supports life in the forest, while the artist helped the students brainstorm their way to an appropriate design.
There were three tree condition classes (live trees, snag class 3 (dead 26 yr), and snag class 5 (dead 81 yr)), two tree diameter classes (small and large), four stake positions within a tree (inner, inner-inner, outer, and outer-outer), two exposure locations (Alaska and Mississippi) and two exposure periods (2 and 4 yr).
In the leaflet, distributed to hundreds of houses across the city, Snag urges residents to take a stand against Liverpool's Liberal Democrat Party.
The neighboring rancher, who was running cows on the place and was responsible for fencing, came by while they were thinning in the snow and started cutting tamarack snags for fence posts.
The closure system eliminates the common problem of sharp edges on slit convolutes that can snag, cut wires or injure assembly workers.
Despite a recent funding snag, the Algoma Mill Works (AMW) proposal is still very much alive, the company reports.
The novel remains true to the difficulties of contemporary relationships without male-bashing or cliches of forlorn women trying to snag a man.
Given e-commerce, the real snag for suppliers is the ability to perform contracts.
Delhi- Pune AI flight delayed by over 24 hrs AS many as 180 passengers of an Air India flight to Delhi faced a harrowing time as they were kept waiting for more than 24 hours at the Pune airport after the aircraft developed a technical snag on Thursday.