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A US Army code name for the test detonation of a thermonuclear device in August 1957 during Operation Plumbbob; the soldiers who were intentionally exposed to radioactive fallout later had an increased risk of leukaemia
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employers unable to find American citizens to fill key jobs," Smokier.
The spirit of Van Morrison shines bright, though Martin's whiskey-butter voice is more akin to a smokier David Gray, songs such as My Father's Ring and I Looked Up To See redolent with the smell of peat, woodsmoke and mountain streams.
Likewise, towns where people drive older cars might tend to be smokier.
For example, under bright daylight conditions, black leather can appear almost gray, smokier in color than it would under dusk or low light conditions.
Wear a more natural look by day and then a stronger, smokier look for the evening.
For 2009, we've gone for a smokier hue which is a good accompaniment to accessories in cream and chocolate brown.
The brand also has a cask-strength whiskey in addition to original Connemara, all of which appeal to Scotch drinkers and others looking for a smokier, more traditional taste.
As recently as the early 1960s, winter sunshine totals were 30% lower in the smokier districts of London than in the rural areas around the capital.
It's not difficult to see which way the wind is blowing, as it continues to carry society's cigarette smoke out of public buildings -- and into the great, if now a little smokier, outdoors.
The results, like Arbroath smokies (made from young haddock) or mackerel, have a stronger, smokier flavour.
Have a taste and add more paprika for a stronger, smokier flavour.