smokeless tobacco

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smokeless tobacco

Etymology: AS, smoca + Sp, tabaco
1 chewing tobacco or tobacco powder that allows the stimulating components of tobacco to be absorbed through the digestive tract, or through the mucous membrane in the case of snuff.
2 a transdermal nicotine patch that can be affixed to the upper part of the body to satisfy the person's craving for nicotine.
Any chewed—’chew’—or snorted—’snuff’—tobacco product

smokeless tobacco

Substance abuse Any chewed–chew or snorted–snuff tobacco product, that is regionally popular among athletes, the indigent, Native Americans and, tragically, children

smoke·less to·bac·co

(smōklĕs tŏ-bakō)
A form of the leaf of the plant meant to be chewed or otherwise ingested orally, rather than smoked.
Synonym(s): chewing tobacco.

smokeless tobacco,

n chewing tobacco (leaves) or tobacco powder (snuff) that allows the nicotine to be absorbed through the mucous membrane of the oral cavity or digestive tract. It is related to a high risk of oral cancer. Can contain abrasives such as sand, pesticides, and sugar for taste. It is not a substitute for cigarettes. Impress upon the patient the social repugnance of the habit. The term
spit tobacco is preferred.
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The present study showed that Gutka is the most common smokeless tobacco product consumed by the people and most of them were unaware of its hazardous effects.
In recent years, cigarette smoking prevalence has declined in many states; however, there has been little change in the prevalence of current smokeless tobacco use or concurrent use of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco in most states, with prevalence increasing in some states.
Use of smokeless tobacco is one of traditional habits in Pakistan and India, due to that around 100 millions of people have an addiction, In India 49% of men and 90% of women have this habit and diagnosed with carcinomas of neck region.
The elimination of smokeless tobacco in the sport would be a grand slam.
In contrast to smoking, smokeless tobacco use is highest among active-duty service members, with 16% among those aged 18 to 44 reporting using it.
Meta-analysis data involving male, Swedish smokers for 1976-2002 showed a significant decrease in cigarette smoking that corresponded with an increase in use of smokeless tobacco products, the investigators wrote in the AHA journal, Circulation.
Far from having adverse effects limited to the mouth, smokeless tobacco affects the normal function of a key family of enzymes found in almost every organ in the body, according to the first report on the topic in the American Chemical Society's monthly journal Chemical Research in Toxicology.
As with cigarette smoking, an association between smokeless tobacco use during pregnancy and low haemoglobin levels has also been demonstrated (2).
Nicotine-replacement therapies have failed to demonstrate a clear benefit in smokeless tobacco cessation, but under-dosing may be a factor for some patients.
A graduate of the Wharton School of Business with a background in horticultural science and plant genetics, he decided to develop an alternative to smokeless tobacco.
SKOAL LONG CUT PEACH, which will be available at retail starting in June, blends premium 100 percent, hand-selected tobacco with the flavor of fresh peaches, for a unique taste in moist smokeless tobacco.
began enrolling Marines and Sailors this summer to test the effectiveness of a new smokeless tobacco cessation program.