smart terminal

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'smart' terminal

Informatics A computer terminal with its own CPU, which allows input and output of data, thus being capable of free-standing operation. Cf 'Dumb' terminal.
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Growth in new markets: smart terminals, enterprise networks and managed services
With an emphasis on user experiences, the Group will continue to optimize its product portfolios of smart TVs and 4K Ultra high-definition TVs, building an all-in-one smart terminal product line integrating "platforms, contents, terminal and applications" which provides users with comprehensive entertainment solution.
With Groovv Terminal One, we remove those barriers by offering merchants a smart terminal that's easy to use, flexible and affordable, and allows them to offer their customers the security and convenience of Apple Pay as well as other mobile payment services," said Joe Kaplan, CEO of Total Merchant Services.
They include smart terminal phones, set top boxes (STB), smart wearable technologies, and more.
The terminal ET series provides next-generation smart terminal products in the ZTE video conferencing product series.
The "2014-2015 Global Top Brands" competition consists of a series of activities including presentation by executives of IDC and GFK analyzing and forecasting the consumer electronics market, International Consumer Electronics Industry Leaders' Summit and Global Smart Terminal Leaders' Summit.
SZ), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, will next week announce a significant extension of its Smart Terminal capabilities - both in its product range and routes to market - including a major new quad-core flagship handset.
Today, Ingenico Group, the global leader in seamless payment, announces the successful launch of contactless card payments in 17 Kiev metro central stations, combining Ingenico Group iUC180B smart terminal with Oschadbank s acquiring services, in partnership with MasterCard.
OS: Smart terminal OS will become a crucial area in the mobile Internet industry.
He spearheaded the commissioning of India s first Smart Terminal at Chittoor and the restructuring programme of the organisation in close coordination with McKinsey.
A key link in Geeksphone's success is Borqs, a hardware and software integrated solutions provider, originally known for its work as a smart terminal software platform provider.
Tenders are invited for Implementation Of Smart Terminal Features With Allied Works At Indore Depot
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