smart terminal

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'smart' terminal

Informatics A computer terminal with its own CPU, which allows input and output of data, thus being capable of free-standing operation. Cf 'Dumb' terminal.
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2 million, mainly due to the growth in the CAM business and sales in the new O2O smart terminals and blockchain server businesses.
Terminal technology: Innovative mobile smart terminals integrating mobile cloud services will be widely applied.
The compact smart terminal is an excellent product for entrepreneurs whose business is related to trade or provision of services.
In the international market, mobile broadband construction and the development of smart terminals will remain some of the most sought after segments.
Fifth graph, second sentence of release should read: The company shipped 60 million terminal products, including 5 million smart terminals in the first six months of the year.
We aim to launch over 30 smart terminals during the remainder of 2011, including middle to high-end smartphones such as SKATE, Windows Phone 7 and TD-LTE dual-module and dual-waiting models.
Rachid Oulad Akdim, Managing Director at Ingenico Africa said, To support financial inclusion, our strategy has been to turn our new smart terminal into a secure workstation to address both the banked and the unbanked populations.
The Ingenico Group biometry smart terminal is deployed by GhIPSS, together with Rural Financial Institutions and Agent Networks.
During the reporting period, the Group also began supplying high-end data equipment such as T8000 and M6000 to the three major national carriers in large volumes, while its smart terminal equipment also gained significant market recognition.
Tenders are invited for amc for smart terminal manager at marketing terminal and oms for custody transfer through mass flowmeter.
JAOtech will also present at HIMSS new additions to the range of Smart Terminal accessories including the Arcos 8250 multimedia wall box.
The first smart terminals of their kind available to business owners in these markets, Clover Flex and Clover Mini will enable business owners to maximize efficiency, leverage data analytics, engage customers, and accept the latest in payment innovation.
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