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government initially supported a plan to destroy the smallpox virus stocks, in late 1994 the Pentagon began pushing to retain the live virus for the development of improved defenses against its possible use as a biological weapon.
The basic premise of Campbell's thesis, is founded on the finding by the World Health Organization (WHO) that the smallpox virus becomes inactive over a period of time in intensely hot and humid conditions.
In the study, once-daily, oral administration of SIGA-246 protected cynomolgus monkeys from smallpox disease following intravenous high dosing with smallpox virus.
In the book, Dunkin offered the shocking footnote suggestion of dipping arrows in the smallpox virus and shooting them at the Americans in an effort to disband the rebels.
On December 13, 2002, in response to growing concern that a terrorist or hostile regime might have access to the smallpox virus and attempt to use it against the American people, the President announced the formation of the National Smallpox Vaccination Program.
Like the smallpox virus and anthrax bacterium, Ebola virus is a potential bioterrorism agent.
This and other pathologic findings indicated that pathogenesis was autoimmune rather than caused directly by the smallpox virus, the investigators said (Lancet 362[9393]: 1378-80, 2003).
This is the subject that Elizabeth Fenn, after extensive and impressive research, addresses in this valuable new investigation of the smallpox virus, Variola major, and its rapacious spread to all corners of the North American continent between 1775 and 1782.
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu of London and Zabdiel Boylston of Boston borrowed from the folk medicine of Ottoman women and African slaves and injected small amounts of the smallpox virus under the skin of their children to inoculate them.
Monkeypox is caused by an orthopoxvirus that clinically resembles smallpox virus but differs both biologically and epidemiologically (2-5).
The vaccinia virus model is the standard used for identifying potential drugs to inhibit the reproduction of the closely related smallpox virus.