slow release

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slow re·lease

(SR) (slō rĕ-lēs')
Generally used to refer to that pharmacologic property that causes medication to be spread slowly into the circulation, rather than all at once.
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Nine viewers complained that the slow release energy claim was misleading.
The principle of using cheap locally produced organic waste as nursery media, in combination with slow release fertiliser, is now being applied in Fiji and Samoa.
This release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties including with respect to the closing of the placement on the terms described, our ongoing negotiations with a global pharmaceutical company and our near and medium term opportunities in the area of controlled slow release drug delivery technologies.
The chemicals in synthetic fertilizers are available for only a short time as compared to the slow release of the nutrients in livestock manure.
Research also identified a need to communicate the brand's slow release properties and the packs now include a 'steady release energy' flash.
Photomicrographs taken with a scanning electron microscope revealed that cotton's surface morphology--the physical structure of its fibers--favors the retention and slow release of spores.
The heat could come instead from the slow release of energy from radioactive isotopes that helped form the moon, says Thomas B.
Widespread expectations earlier in the week that 1996 would end with the encouraging release of 50 or so hostages, propelling the two sides toward a negotiated end to the standoff, have been eclipsed by a hardening of positions and the slow release of small clusters of hostages.
is specifically designed for an Optimized Glycemic Response with slow release carbohydrates, 12 grams of protein, and six grams of fiber to help balance blood sugar.
Boots Slow Release Fly Killer, Boots Small Space Moth Killer, Bouchard Slow Release Fly Killer, Combat Fly Killer, Combat Moth Killer, Cromessol Fly-Away,
to market and distribute the Nutricote brand of slow release fertilizers.
This capital raising places the Company in a stronger financial position with opportunities to accelerate R&D commercial activities, particularly in the area of controlled slow release drug delivery technologies," said Dr.