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A long, narrow opening, incision, or aperture.


A narrow opening.

dorsal slit

A surgical procedure to make the foreskin of the penis easily retractable. The foreskin is cut in the dorsal midline but not far enough to extend into the mucous membrane next to the glans.

vestibular slit

The opening between the left and right ventricular folds of the larynx.
References in classic literature ?
They shot down the slit, plebeians all, but it followed pompously like royalty.
Her two charges were as surprised as I, and pointed questioningly to the slit, at which she shook her head.
Water-cooled high vacuum 4 blade slits, total heat load shall be 1.
Reinforce slits with tape to keep strings from tearing the kite.
The space between the breakwaters acts as slits which cause the incoming water waves to diffract.
19 Physical Review Letters, researchers propose an experiment that encourages light to take weaving paths before striking a screen behind a barrier with two slits.
The dress gave Angelina Jolie some really serious competition as it had double slits on both the sides which started from her very high waist.
I found this lesson could be modified to become three-dimensional easily by having the students cut long strips with small slits on the long edges.
A quick tip for those who favor high slits bridesmaid dresses: high slits look perfect when combined with plain colors and satin texture, suggesting a sense of low-key elegance.
The body features a a high stiffness portion provided exclusively in a center portion in the longitudinal direction of the absorbent body, which high stiffness portion extends in the longitudinal direction and a plurality of slits exclusively at opposite end of the high stiffness portion in the longitudinal direction; an embossed portion formed to surround a region where the plurality of slits are formed.
Dreadlocked Ari, who led the punk-reggae girl band The Slits, is believed to have been fighting cancer.
f]> are the basis states representing the flap f covering slits a and b, respectively.