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A long, narrow opening, incision, or aperture.


A narrow opening.

dorsal slit

A surgical procedure to make the foreskin of the penis easily retractable. The foreskin is cut in the dorsal midline but not far enough to extend into the mucous membrane next to the glans.

vestibular slit

The opening between the left and right ventricular folds of the larynx.
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Specifications for Water-Cooled UHV 4 Blade X-Ray Slit System
The slits S2 to S8 are made to have a width equal to 208m.
Yet when the light intensity is so low that individual particles, or photons, pass through the slits one by one before striking the screen, the same light-dark pattern still gradually builds up--even though the particles seemingly would not influence each other.
In order to verify that the infinite series involved in the solution is rapidly convergent [21], a far-zone transmitted field of two identical slits is considered.
Munich-born Ari - real name Arianna Forster - was just 14 when she formed The Slits.
One cannot simply shoot cats through a double slit and expect to see an interference pattern
By the beginning of the '80s, the Slits had slipped into the history books, leaving two albums and a handful of memorable 12-inch singles in their wake.
Pressurized air introduced by one set of slits is continuously removed by the vacuum slits, increasing cooling capacity and raising output as much as 15% to 18% with PP profiles, Omipa says.
The spatial and angular distributions of the neutrons incident on the samples in view of the possible slit interferences through the three serial slits in Fig.
Micrograft - one to two hair grafts into needle holes; small slit grafts - three to four hairs into a slit; large slit grafts - five to seven hairs into a slit; small minigraft - three to four hairs into a small site; large minigraftminigraft - five to eight hairs into a small round recipient site.
They can be circular holes, but rectangular slits are better because they admit more light.
This is the case particularly in 3 Plates and F, but is also implicit in 5 Slits and 10 Loops Slit, where the forms suggest the carving/cutting process of working in wood rather than the resulting shapes.