slippery slope

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'slippery slope'

Medical ethics An ethical continuum or 'slope,' the impact of which has been incompletely explored, and which itself raises moral questions that are even more on the ethical 'edge' than the original issue
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If this compromise isn't a slippery slope, I've never known one.
Americans must take a hard look at this emerging superstate because we have been placed on an identical slippery slope.
The most realistic thing I can think of at this moment is that we stand at the edge of a slippery slope and forces of evil are taunting and daring us to slide on down.
com as the first step on the slippery slope toward the establishment of a society even more pitilessly Darwinian than the one we now inhabit.
Church bosses have been accused of putting caravanners on a slippery slope to danger.
While it is true that aggressive application of principles or excessive optimism in determining estimates and disclosure practices is a signal about the "tone" set by top management, such practices do not always lead down the slippery slope to "misleading" presentations.
A WOULD-BE rally racer is driving himself down a slippery slope, a judge warned.
Diana's slippers highlight the slippery slope our medical establishments are stumbling down.
If England fail it will be the end for McClaren, he's already on a slippery slope.
The people must be told of the consequences if we allow our governments to send us on the slippery slope due to a lack of morals, ethics, and conscience.