slippery slope

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'slippery slope'

Medical ethics An ethical continuum or 'slope,' the impact of which has been incompletely explored, and which itself raises moral questions that are even more on the ethical 'edge' than the original issue
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Canada's Muslims seem interested in joining Bailey's slide down the slippery slope.
The state of separation between church and state in this country is certainly swiftly going down a slippery slope, l commend your efforts to confront the issues in these difficult political times.
While proponents saw the "local option" as a compromise, which would have allowed lay and clergy on both sides of the issue to live and function together until a greater consensus could be achieved, the concession was seen by the opposition as "blessing sin" and therefore as a precipitous slide down the slippery slope of moral accommodation, not only with culture and society, but with the law of the land.
It's a slippery slope to intolerance: should we want just one point of view represented?
At some point, the investments must be made and if one is too far down the slippery slope of obsolescence, the cost to improve becomes too great.
Going from scientific discoveries in 1740 to the cutting-edge research of the modern day, The Proteus Effect looks at not only issues of research and learning, but also political and social concerns regarding stem cell research and ethical questions of a morally slippery slope.
Stressing that true Christianity aims to redeem sexuality, not repress it, Purity of Heart points the way to redemption of the body through Jesus Christ, warns against "legalized sin" and the slippery slope of ignoring or minimizing the repercussions of adultery, the importance of honoring the body, the task of building a culture of purity, and much more.
Equipment and Entrenchment, however, implicitly suggests that the collecting of art, its estimation and installation, is guided by its literal projection elsewhere; and that the move from projection to perception to valuation is a slippery slope.
Pony" Stevenson, R-Joplin: Stevenson holds with those state lawmakers who believe that legalizing gay marriage in Missouri will be a slippery slope down the road to Sodom and Gomorrah.
Yet the company was on a slippery slope, with growth in bedliners slowing and competition strengthening.
Some say the best technology still can't match the costs of foreign foundries, or that capital spending nowadays is a slippery slope to problems.
I would like to respond to an article entitled "Assisted Living: On the Slippery Slope to Regulation?