slipped epiphysis

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slipped epiphysis

Separation at the junction between the shaft of a long bone and the growing sector at the end (the EPIPHYSIS). This usually results from a fall or applied force. An undisplaced epiphysis heals rapidly without ill effect, but, otherwise, careful REDUCTION is necessary to avoid disturbance of growth.


1. aborted.
2. dislocated or out of place in a more general sense.

slipped claw
flexion of the posterior claw in canaries so the dorsal surface becomes weight-bearing. May be caused by riboflavin deficiency.
slipped disk
see slipped disk.
slipped epiphysis
slipped shoulder
see suprascapular paralysis.
slipped stifle
see patellar luxation.
slipped tendon
see perosis.
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MRI and arthroscopy do not diagnose a slipped epiphysis.
The number of close relatives with slipped epiphysis or osteoarthritis was 25% (Hagglund and associates (3) in 1988 had shown that osteoarthritis of the hip can be secondary to a minor slip).