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slink calves, slinks

unborn calves retrieved at the abattoir. Their meat, slink veal, is not authorized for consumption in most countries. Their skins are valuable because they are so fine and clean.
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A new will teach I unto men: to choose that path which man hath followed blindly, and to approve of it--and no longer to slink aside from it, like the sick and perishing!
Mr Franklin said: "In particular, we are looking for slinks that were missing from the parachute, which may have been removed and discarded somewhere.
TV turns some into shambles AS Fungi slinks off into oblivion and White Dee is counting the cash, what a strange old world we live in, where reality TV shows make stars out of some and a shambles out of others.
BARELY five minutes after we've got used to the idea of him being alive, the great detective slinks off for a cup of tea with Mrs Hudson.
McCain slinks off There was some confusion in the aftermath of the selling hurdle won by Jim Tango as auctioneer Alan Brereton announced that the winner would not be subject to VAT.