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Some episodes of sleepwalking may involve the person just sitting up in bed and looking around, briefly appearing confused, while in others the person may get out of bed and walk about, open cupboards, get dressed or eat, and may appear agitated.
Peter Fenwick of the Institute of Psychiatry in London, indicated that there were reports of, "a total of about 20 cases of murder during sleepwalking between 1791 and 1974.
She said two reports were prepared to investigate Mr Ball's sleepwalking claim because of the serious nature of the alleged sexual offence against the girl.
The scenario sets the stage for sleepwalking, characterized by increased slow-wave sleep, particularly between stage 3 and stage 4 sleep in the first third of the night.
He said: "People have been known to carry out very complex tasks while sleepwalking, including driving a car and cooking.
Though sleepwalking seems to run in families, until now scientists didn't know why.
I have a history of sleepwalking but I have never left my own home.
The warning came after it emerged that Solihull man Stephen Hearn( right), who crashed his car (below right) after drinking four pints of lager, used medical evidence to prove he had been sleepwalking.
The frequency of positive replies to the sleepwalking question was 17 % for Study 1 (N = 119) and 24% for Study 2 (N = 51).
Karissa Jayne McGarley, 26, of Wiltshire Close, Witherwack, admitted to the charge of driving while under the influence but says she was sleepwalking.
Sleepwalking in children is quite often accompanied by nightmares if your child is unduly troubled about something.