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The highest percentage of SFA and the lowest percentage of UFA and MUFA in the meat of Nellore steers is due to the breed and slaughter age of the animals.
We do not have any information about the slaughter ages of horses from the neighbouring regions to compare with, and on this subject our records do not provide very reliable results either.
2005), BP supplementation for the does and/or growing rabbits was not sufficient to improve performance from weaning up to slaughter age.
With regard to the slaughter age, bulls slaughtered younger (16 months) showed higher animal performance, better feed efficiency and carcass yield.
According to the NBA the average slaughter age for prime cattle is still stuck at 24 months when a reduction to 18 months but at the same slaughter weight could reduce feeding and management costs by pounds 90 a head for all animals.
Slaughter ages were 20 months and 28 months for bulls and steers, respectively.
In this way, growth curves of a certain breed may assist in the establishment of specific food program and to define the optimum slaughter age.
Even with the relatively high slaughter age profile, around a third of the dairy bulls in the study produced carcases weighing less than the 260-280kg minimum set by the modern market.
Castration and slaughter age effects on nutritive value of the "mestizo" goat meat.