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n massage technique that uses the flat palms of the hands percussively; a form of tapotement. See also tapotement.
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Harvey asked, slapping the slime off his oilskins, and reeling up the line in careful imitation of the others.
They found her a little heavier than the Scarecrow but still light enough to be tossed like a sofa-cushion, and they were enjoying the sport immensely when Dorothy, angry and indignant at the treatment her friends were receiving, rushed among the Tottenhots and began slapping and pushing them until she had rescued the Scarecrow and the Patchwork Girl and held them close on either side of her.
At the water tank I wetted my handkerchief, slapping it smartly across his forehead and face several times.
The first memory I have of my mother is of her slapping me for something I had done.
There now, when the snow covers us up, good folk will see the shafts and dig us out,' he said, slapping his mittens together and putting them on.
It's like slapping God in the face, as much as to tell him that he don't know how to run his world and that you'll be much obliged if he'll stand out of the way and give you a chance.
His seconds worked over him furiously, chafing his legs, slapping his abdomen, stretching the hip-cloth out with their fingers so that he might breathe more easily.
Do go and finish; I 'm tired of this,' said Mary, slapping away at the mosquitoes.
cried the general, slapping his gold-embroidered chest.
I have the dollars," replied Nicholl, slapping the pocket of this coat.
Then slapping a gentleman of the law, who was present, on the back, he cried out, "What say you to this, Mr Counsellor?
As it was, she was actually beginning to think that she should like to make Lucy cry by slapping or pinching her, especially as it might vex Tom, whom it was of no use to slap, even if she dared, because he didn't mind it.