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Largely derogatory slang term for a woman who has had, or is perceived to have had, many sexual partners and who “sleeps around”.


vitreous residue after removal of metal in a smelting process.

basic slag
a by-product of the smelting industry, basic slag is used as a fertilizer. Animals pastured on recently heavily dressed fields may be affected by colic, diarrhea and posterior paresis. The specific cause of the poisoning is not known.
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The shear viscosity [eta] of the molten slag system can be calculated by Einstein-Stokes equation [14].
Dr Phil Renforth, of Cardiff University, surveying slag tips
The 57-story luxury condominium tower utilized between 40 and 50 percent slag cement in 90 percent of its concrete.
Qatar Steel has accumulated large quantities of steel slag from its factory in Mesaieed, located south of Doha - exceeding more than 350,000 tonnes annually with stockpiles of materials amounting to over 1.
Montana Tech professor Chris Gammons, who oversaw a graduate student's study of slag this past school year, said what is more concerning about the slag is deposits of what he calls "salts" that collect on the slag and then are washed into the creek during storms.
For cement-slag blends, cement hydration and slag reaction will occur simultaneously.
Imee Marcos on April 9, attached several photocopied documents about slag aggregates, results of physical and chemical analyses and a guarantee issued by the Taiwan-based China Steel Corp.
Once all the rail cars in Vale's slag dumping fleet are converted, operators will never have to step outside the locomotive.
The effect of the nature and concentration of activation in the setting times (hardening) of activated Colombian slag sources, evaluated by Vicat test, is presented in Figure 1, where it is identified that the increment of the concentration of activation reduces the setting time, and this is more significant in binders produced with NaOH as an activator.
After the following two tests confirmed metallic reclamation rates above 60%, the facility put- chased a Didion Rotary Slag Separa-tor/Metal Reclaimer with a variable jet burner and Conveyor Dynamics feed and discharge conveyors.
Ground BFS is used as an admixture in concrete or as an additive in the manufacture process of Portland slag cements in countries where large amounts of BFS is available.