skull fracture

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skull frac·ture

a break of the cranium resulting from trauma.

skull fracture

A fracture of the bony skull, either:
(1) Compound skull fracture, in which there may be communication between the brain and the external environment; or
(2) Expressed skull fracture, in which parts of the of brain extrude from the fracture fragments.

skull fracture

Orthopedics A fracture of one or more cranial bones, caused by MVAs, falls, assault, sports, occupational accidents and other forms of blunt trauma Clinical Headache, bleeding from wounds and orifices, loss of consciousness, confusion, seizures, restless, drowsiness, visual defects, slurred speech, N&V, stiff neck. See Fracture.

skull fracture,

n a rupture or break in the cranial bones.
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Elsie Scully-Hicks died in hospital in May 2016 aged 18 months after suffering from three separate areas of subdural bleeding, retinal bleeding in both eyes, a skull fracture, and fractures to three ribs and her leg.
Dr Rose added of Elsie's skull fracture: "There must have been a cause of the fracture; skull fractures don't occur spontaneously and so the only mechanism for a skull fracture is if there was a blow to the head, either during the shaking injury which culminated in Elsie being thrown against a hard floor, or possibly her head being knocked against a wall.
The real purpose of imaging tests such as CT head is to determine if there is bleeding inside or around the brain, a skull fracture or other serious brain injuries.
Dubai: An 11-year-old Emirati boy, who sustained a skull fracture that resulted in bleeding between the skull and brain, survived after being admitted to Rashid Hospital.
This is caused by bleeding under the skull from a head injury or skull fracture - especially if the bone presses against the brain - or by swelling of the brain after a head injury.
But during the course of the continuing struggle you struck the baby a glancing blow on the head which caused a skull fracture.
The woman, who suffered a skull fracture, was initially transferred to the Famagusta general hospital but due to the severity of her condition, she was later taken to the Nicosia general hospital.
Sentinel injuries--designed to flag injuries that are unusual for the child's age--included rib fracture, abdominal trauma, genital injury, or subconjunctival hemorrhage for children under 24 months; femur/humerus fracture, radius/ulna/tibia /fibula fracture, isolated skull fracture, or intracranial hemorrhage for children under 12 months; and bruising, burns, or oropharyngeal injury for children under 6 months.
Skull fractures are generally categorized into linear fracture, depressed fracture, comminuted fracture, and growing skull fracture in children.
Three-dimensional (3-D) computed tomography was used to diagnose a growing skull fracture in a red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis).
Comment: Any injury to a child is scary, especially a skull fracture.
Aims and Objectives: To study the various associated intracranial injury with depressed skull fracture (DSF) and to establish a plan of management of DSF.