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William H., English surgeon, 1855-1936. See: Battle sign.
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The report from Today's Zaman added that there were intelligence reports issued to the military warning of a possible attack ahead of Friday's skirmishes, UPI reported.
The skirmishes intensified an already charged atmosphere there as a rebuilt 17th-century synagogue was opened in the Jewish quarter of the Old City, a few hundred metres from the al-Aqsa compound.
I suspect you never venture into the town centre on a Friday or Saturday night, where you would witness the same skirmishes in many streets, pubs or clubs.
The entries describe the various skirmishes in brief and straightforward fashion.
It's deceptively easy to mistake the petty skirmishes of the moment for nothing less than such end-of-world scenarios as Armageddon, Ragnarok, and the White Sox winning the World Series.
Yet, the first centralizing tendencies appeared only after skirmishes between Native Americans and settlers led colonial officials to consider peopling the region as a buffer to avoid further conflict.
THE ORCHID HUNTER is an action-packed adventure romance with the emphasis on the skirmishes with their enemies even more than the lead couple's growing love for one another.
Pitts describes in vivid detail his dangerous encounters with animals, risky skirmishes with robbers, dealings with corrupt cops, and more.
There are frequent skirmishes between the feudal lords as they jockey for power and prestige.
Two years earlier Israel had defeated Egypt and Syria (both Soviet client states) in the Six-Day War; for much of 1969, there had been military skirmishes along the long Soviet-Chinese border; and at home the government of Premier Leonid Brezhnev had been cracking down on intellectuals protesting the invasion of Czechoslovakia.
According to local tales, Skirmidge Cottage got its name because it was once the scene of desperate skirmishes between smugglers and excise officers.