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The voluntary interruption of a routine activity, usually understood to mean work
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A heavy plastic sheet tied down with some rope is a very good investment if you're leaving your skip empty or partially-filled overnight.
A representative from Digaway Skip Hire & Mini Digger Hire said: "The skip has not been paid for and the contents were not mine so I have taken the skip back.
Learn more about the benefits of Cut Price Skips by visiting their web pages at http://cutpriceskips.
The two parallel rope anchor stations at the rear of the skip unloading stations serve as tensioning and storage systems for additional rope should the bottom station be relocated as mining progresses.
The credit union emphasized that it does not charge a fee to skip a payment and that the charitable donation is voluntary, adding that more than 75% of the members who participated in its skip-a-payment program from November 2010 through January 2011 chose to give to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.
But we never received a tape from someone trying to sound like Skip.
He said: "It is a major problem for skip hire firms as they have to send their workers into dangerous situations for prolonged periods.
Recently, cheques for $3000 each were presented to two women with breast cancer living in the Nelson region, where community support for Skip for Life has been strong.
Many skip tracers will begin with the phony name and go from there, looking up the name and others with the same surname, hoping that the debtor chose not to give a completely fake name and that he or she has relatives in the area that can help you locate them.
TWO Liberal Democrat councillors have been accused of attempting to buy votes by providing free council skips for potential supporters.
Skip dippers reclaim some of this waste by raiding publically placed bins and skips for perfectly usable things that have been thrown away: food, clothes, electrical items, even toiletries.