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Reestablish normal hydration and fluid balance with accompanying improvements in urine output, pink moist muocus membranes, CRT less than 2 seconds, good skin turgor, normal BP, and return to baseline LOC.
Their loss of sensation, decreased circulation, changes in skin turgor, and potential for pressure ulcers results in a tremendous risk for cellulitis.
Assess the client's mucous membranes and skin turgor for patency.
Skin: Dry with normal skin turgor, warm to touch, brisk capillary refill.
Skin turgor may be an unreliable indicator in young adults unless volume loss is profound (Kokko, 2000).
Personally, I am uneasy with the notion of having assistants monitoring body weights, skin turgor, muscle integrity, mental status and the like, and then reporting what they see to the LPN or RN.
ment: BP, HR, skin turgor * Respiratory, cardiovascu- * Respiratory assessment: lar, GI, and skin integrity tachypnea, Kussmaul res- assessments pirations * Vital signs every 2 hours * Musculoskeletal assess- * Monitor for signs of hypo- ment: muscle weakness, glycemia.
The loss of appetite, a low sodium level, an elevated pulse rate, and poor skin turgor together indicate a dehydration problem (Pagana & Pagana, 1999; Wong et al.