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0124 for each n; moreover, the simulated skewness and kurtosis values are very close to 0.
The major positive results were considered to be: (a) the positive correlation between mean relative hit rate and the NA scale for negative pictures, (b) the positive skewness of the NAD scale distribution for negative pictures, and (c) the correlation between the NAD scale and number of receivers for negative pictures.
Our criterion was that the relationships between mean, variance, and skewness should be adequately described.
Johnson distributions have become popular due to their flexibility in fitting situations with combinations of skewness and kurtosis.
Skew is based on the normalized estimate of the sample market skewness within each month.
We also examine the impact of several factors known to help price securities in the literature on initial public offering (IPO) returns including stock return momentum, share liquidity, return skewness, and investment.
The skewness and kurtosis depend only on the parameters [gamma] and [delta].
50 randomly chosen ontologies were analysed according to aforementioned semantic criteria using several statistical measures: arithmetic mean, median, mode, standard deviation and skewness.
Skewness (Rsk): represents the degree of bias, or asymmetry of the profile about the mean line.
The parameter estimates and the Hougaard measures of skewness were obtained by using the NLIN procedure of the SAS (SAS, 2006), in which the Hougaard measures of skewness were calculated by the following expression
Kurtosis coefficient and skewness coefficient are rating numerical characteristics, which describe empirical distribution asymmetry and flatness of the parameter's data comparing with normal distribution.