skeleton hand

skel·e·ton hand

extension of fingers with atrophy of tissues; occurs in progressive muscular atrophy.
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He was high-shouldered and bony; dressed in decent black, with a white wisp of a neckcloth; buttoned up to the throat; and had a long, lank, skeleton hand, which particularly attracted my attention, as he stood at the pony's head, rubbing his chin with it, and looking up at us in the chaise.
On his taking the candle to assist his search, Mr Wegg observes that he has a convenient little shelf near his knees, exclusively appropriated to skeleton hands, which have very much the appearance of wanting to lay hold of him.
The Gates of Hell,welcome all Never too many, for dead mans' Ball A skeleton hand to wave you in It matters not, if no sin But some survived the World to tell Lest man forgets the Gates of Hell.
He jumped from one foot to the other and scratched his armpit with the skeleton hand, howling.
Gaga sang "Lovegame" with a hideous skeleton hand and waving her infamous "disco stick.
Another dancer lay curled against a huge model of a skeleton hand.
On Tuesday, October 30, you can make a spooky skeleton hand that moves, ready for Hallowe'en and on Thursday, November 1, you can create a scary ghost to decorate the garden.
10; Glow-in-dark skeleton hands, pounds 3; Reaper soft weapon, pounds 3, all www.
Secondborn appeared with a pair of gloves emblazoned with glow-in-the-dark skeleton hands and her friend had found an unusual chiffon flock skirt.
Arts and craft sessions were held over two days at Kirklea tham Museum, near Redcar, with children getting up to their elbows in paper and paints to make spooky skeleton hands.
Unspeakable things would touch you in the dark, faces would appear inches away from yours, skeleton hands would try to grab you, bats would try to get into your hair, sadistic fair hands hidden in the dark would grab your arms or legs or touch your face as you went hysterically screaming past.