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skeletal formula,

n representation of the bonding between two carbons in an organic compound. One line represents a single bond; two lines represent a double bond; and three lines indicate a triple bond.
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The Scotson Technique seeks to recreate the essential stages of the development of the child's respiratory system and muscular skeletal structure as it would normally occur over the first year of life.
Because the carpal bone image is noisy, the complexity of the skeletal structure in the hand and the variability between different subjects makes very difficult to realize an automatic segmentation of the bones.
The robot was developed by a Nagoya University group and is based on the skeletal structure of a gibbon, a small ape native to Southeast Asia.
21,22] Facial morphology and dentition reveal skeletal structure.
Careful examination of the creatures' skeletal structure reveals that the fossilized animals are most closely related to theropod dinosaurs.
Because of their shapes, many coral are often mistaken for rocks or plant life, but the young scientist and businessman points out that all coral are living organisms, complete with a membrane and a skeletal structure.
The history of the rise and fall of prostitution in New York City from 1790 to 1920 provides the skeletal structure of City of Eros, a brilliant social history that won both the Allan Nevins Prize of the Society of American Historians and the New York State Historical Association Manuscript Prize.
Choline itself is also a beneficial nutrient that functions in the nervous system where it controls the actions of skeletal structure and smooth muscles.
The forgings include bulk heads - the primary structural support for the wing and engine that can weigh from 1,800 to 6,000 pounds and range from 10 to 23 feet in length - and wing box parts which serve as an important component of the skeletal structure to the wing.
This new study reveals that keratinous beaks played an important role in stabilizing the skeletal structure during feeding, making the skull less susceptible to bending and deformation.
Motorola is working with mc10, a relatively unknown tech firm, to develop the flexible tattoo technology or epidermal electronics which is made up of various sensors and gages to track multiple directions, electrical impulses in the skeletal structure or nerves, heart activity, temperature and light.
The model will have more lifelike re-creations of the skeletal structure, internal organs and brain.