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While analgesic pain management may be used to control the processes that underlie acute pain, relief may also require alleviation of muscle spasm with skeletal muscle relaxants in order to disrupt the spasm-pain-spasm progression of back pain.
In addition, a recent review of published literature indicates that SOMA 250 mg is the only skeletal muscle relaxant proven to significantly improve functionality in patients with acute low back pain as measured by the RMDQ.
Among patients with acute nonspecific mechanical LBP, the most frequent pharmacological approach is the admin istration (or self-administration) of paracetamol, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) and skeletal muscle relaxants.
Chapter 7: Skeletal muscle relaxants and antispasticity drugs for orofacial pain disorders
Certain medications, such as controlled substances, tramadol-containing products and skeletal muscle relaxants are excluded from the program.
Narcotic analgesics, anticonvulsants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, skeletal muscle relaxants and antidepressants represented 70% of total pharmacy costs and 74% of total transactions in 2008.