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Vox populi An object's “bigness”. See Effect size, French size, Sample size.


a criterion of growth other than height and weight; a combination of height, depth, width and weight. A large animal is tall but deep and wide in proportion; all of its dimensions are large.

Patient discussion about size

Q. Now my breast size increased a little bit. Is there any chance for me to get breast cancer? Hello. I am 24, female, married. I have DD's and mostly all women in my family also has it? None of them have ever been diagnosed with breast cancer. But now my breast size increased a little bit. Is there any chance for me to get breast cancer? Any help would be appreciated.

A. I feel that you don’t have the chance to get breast cancer; breast cancer is genetic. During menstruation also breast size shows the difference in size. Women below the age of 30 are rare to be diagnosed with breast cancer. If you are scared, just visit your family doctor once.

Q. what is effect phallus size in sex?

A. Does size matters? Look, some would say it’s everything, some would say it’s all about the performance, so it’s somewhere between a myth, urban legends and simple mechanics – but eventually it comes to communication and understanding between the couple. Big penis doesn’t guarantee great sex and vice versa. Ecentually, you should “act like a man”, and do your best with what nature gave you – and you’ll find out it’s much more than inches…

Q. what is effect penis size in sex with womens? what is mean penis size?

A. about the effect- this should be a survey. but from what i know - the pleasure sites for the women is "near the surface" so being over dramatic about it is mainly men's concern and not the women.

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Other significant markets are Japan (thanks to its sizeable and established rice crackers market) and the UK, which account for 20% and 17% of the total value, respectively.
Barring sizeable acquisitions, credit metrics particularly on the leverage front, should continue to remain within the rating category.
The largely government and higher education Austin area economy diversified over the last decade to include a sizeable high tech sector.
Preliminary fiscal 2006 results point to another sizeable operating surplus and a corresponding boost in reserve levels.
Separately, STI's current reserve coverage is considered sound due to the company's risk profile and its credit loss history; however, Fitch expects STI to build its loan loss reserve in light of the company's loan growth, as well as taking into account the recognition of a sizeable problem credit.
In fiscal 2005, the general fund balance stood at nearly $8 million, representing about 44% of expenditures and transfers out despite a sizeable $1.