situation relating

situation relating

(in nursing research) a study design used to explain or predict phenomena in nursing practice in which a relationship is thought to exist among certain practices or characteristics of the population being studied.

Patient discussion about situation relating

Q. is there any side effects related to it? I am undergoing a stressful situation here. Please help I was found with a small cyst last time on lower surface of breast which was removed. Again this time I am having a lump which is not visible and is expected to be a cyst but this time my doctor told to have ultrasound. Is it ok to have an ultrasound for a small cyst and my worry is that she did not ask me to take this treatment last time. Is she suspecting something wrong such as cancer???….….and is there any side effects related to it? I am undergoing a stressful situation here. Please help

A. Waylon is correct. Ultrasound is not a treatment, for cancer or anything else. It is a type of test that allows the Dr. to look inside the body. Ultrasound is so safe that it is regularly used to look at a baby inside a pregnant woman's body! The Ultrasound test does not hurt.

If the Dr. were looking specifically for "cancer" he would likely request a different type of test. Ultrasound is great for finding liquids such as those generally associated with a cyst, even if it is very small.

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