site-directed mutagenesis

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site-·di·rec·ted mu·ta·gen·e·sis

the controlled alterations of selected regions of a DNA molecule.

site-directed mutagenesis

An experimental technique in which a mutation is inserted in DNA at a particular site to determine the site’s function, if any. In site-directed mutagenesis, nucleotides are altered, resulting in substitution of amino acids in a protein of known function, which serves to identify the DNA sequence’s role (e.g., as a receptor or ion channel).
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As an example, we constructed the mutations G10700T and T10704A by site-directed mutagenesis because from the prediction model we expected these mutations to have almost the same melting points as the investigated G10699A mutation.
coli DNA repair system; developing the first site-directed mutagenesis system applicable directly to double-stranded DNA; cloning the gene for the first yeast-lytic enzyme (lytic B-1,3-glucanase); developing a new molecular strategy for increasing the rate of enzyme reactions; inventing the TrueBlue(R) Technology, a powerful new cloning system for accelerating gene discovery and, most recently, developing a new transcriptomics technology for generating entire RNA profiles.
Many methods have been reported for the study of BRCA mutations, including allele-specific oligonucleotide hybridization (8, 9), allele-specific PCR (10), PCR-mediated site-directed mutagenesis (11,12), heteroduplex analysis (HDA) (13-15), single-strand conformation polymorphism (14,16), and the protein truncation test (14,15).
Keywords in this release: industrial enzymes, assay technologies, site-directed mutagenesis, recombinant technologies, genomics, pH, complementary DNA, cDNA, catalytic antibodies, ezpression, E.
MGI is leveraging its core CombiGenix(TM) technology to increase throughput, accuracy and speed aimed at reducing costs for gene synthesis, site-directed mutagenesis and repair of mutations in cloned genes," said Kevin Jarrell, the company's President and CSO.
PiZ and PiS genotypes may be determined by DNA-based methods such as restriction fragment length polymorphism, allele-specific oligonucleotide hybridization, allele-specific amplification, direct sequencing, dual-color detection by ligase-mediated analysis, temperature or denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis, and PCR-mediated site-directed mutagenesis (11-19).
In a second presentation, scientists explained how site-directed mutagenesis was used to identify where disease-causing antibodies bind to beta 2 GP1.
The HG was constructed using site-directed mutagenesis by PCR using a modification of a method described previously (8).
Smith, of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, was awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for techniques he developed in site-directed mutagenesis, work which now allows researchers to alter a single piece of the genetic code in a strand of DNA, reprogramming it to perform differently.
Single point mutation at Arg506 of factor V associated with APC resistance and venous thromboembolism: improved detection by PCR-mediated site-directed mutagenesis.
We have developed a simple and rapid method for detecting simultaneously the three most prevalent mutations in Europe by PCR-mediated, site-directed mutagenesis and restriction analysis.
Our procedure for mutation analysis was modified from the PCR-mediated site-directed mutagenesis method of Tazelaar et al.

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