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Relating to a sinusoid.


/si·nus·oi·dal/ (si″nŭ-soi´dal)
1. located in a sinusoid or affecting the circulation in the region of a sinusoid.
2. shaped like or pertaining to a sine wave.


Relating to a sinusoid.


(sī′nŭs-oyd) [″ + Gr. eidos, form, shape]
1. Resembling a sinus.
2. A large, permeable capillary, often lined with macrophages, found in organs such as the liver, spleen, bone marrow, and adrenal glands. Their permeability allows cells or large proteins to easily enter or leave the blood.
sinusoidal, adjective
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The measured luminance values of the 18 repeating graphical elements in the sinusoidal waveform were 42.
Caltrans' initial investigations and testing concluded that sinusoidal mumble strips could achieve the design goals of lowering exterior noise levels in the human hearing range and still provide sufficient driver warning.
Each one of the loads are supplied with one sinusoidal and one hundred randomly produced different distorted voltages with 5% value of [THD.
A third type of hepatic outflow impairment, sinusoidal obstruction syndrome (previously termed veno-occlusive disease), occurs when the hepatic sinusoids or central veins become obstructed.
Next, we measured the oscillator performance during sinusoidal and random vibration that may occur in a harsh automotive environment.
Therefore the first harmonic (v = 1) of sinusoidal winding harmonic factor is
Ante la sospecha de hiperpotasemia, se inicia gluconato de calcio intravenoso a 10%, 10 cc cada 10 minutos hasta reversion de la onda sinusoidal (Figura 3), en total requirio 40 cc.
The used methodology is based on the vector approach with from the common point of view permits to analyze energetic characteristics both for 4-wire and for 3-wire circuits, both at sinusoidal and at non-sinusoidal mode, and both in time and in frequency domain.
29 rats were divided into three equal weight groups (control (CON), n = 9, daily sinusoidal loading (DSL), n = 10 and weekly sinusoidal loading (WSL), n = 10.
This topography consists of a sinusoidal patterns of surface projections leading to complex surface plateaus.
Hepatotoxicity was manifested in the form of acute sinusoidal dilatation with congestion, vacuolisation and pyknosis of hepatocytes and fatty infiltration.
Watson-Marlow Pumps Group (W/v1PG) has introduced three new models to its MasoSine range of sinusoidal pumps.