sinus tract

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Sinus tract

A narrow, elongated channel in the body that allows the escape of fluid.
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si·nus tract

(sīnŭs trakt)
A channel that connects with an abscess or suppurating area.
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Additionally, since calcium phosphate is a hydrophilic substance, it may have contributed to prolonged wound drainage and poor healing of the surgical incision, which led to the formation of a sinus tract.
There were no clinical signs of infection or inflammation such as sinus tract, swelling or sensitivity to percussion and palpation.
The cyst was infected and drain through the extraoral sinus tract resulting in apical periodontitis which also had a negative effect on marginal periodontitis potentiating it.
28) If this dural projection extends to the skin surface, dermal elements will be pulled in as the diverticulum retracts intracranially, forming a dermal sinus tract.
A periapical radiograph with # 40 Gutta-percha point to trace the sinus tract revealed 2cm by 2cm radiolucency (Fig 1a and b).
A GP point can be used to trace the sinus tract to its origin, which is usually a nonvital tooth.
The antibiotics therapy was later adjusted to the sensitivity pattern of the m/c/s result and the patients advised to come back for definitive excision of the sinus tract (3-4 weeks after 1 and D), after an explanation of the nature of the ailment has been done to the patient in a language he or she understood.
1,2) CT and MRI not only delineate the mass, but they also can occasionally trace the sinus tract.
BL: Breast lump, ALA: Axilary lymphadenopathy, ST: Sinus tract, BA: Breast abscess, PCR: Polymerase change reaction, GM: Granolomatous mastitis, GC: Giant cell: C: Caseous, NC: No caseous, 6MST: 6 Months standard therapy, 9MT: 9 Months therapy, Of: Ofloxacin, Sur: Surgery.
CT images showed the sinus tract communicating with a collection in the gallbladder fossa, as well as contrast opacification of the segment 6 and 7 bile ducts.
In contrast to FD, dissecting scalp cellulitis lesions interconnect via sinus tract formation so that pressure on one fluctuant area may result in purulent discharge from perforations several centimeters away.
A common type of branchial cleft anomaly is a preauricular anomaly that "begins as a pit in the preauricular region and often extends via a sinus tract down to a cystic dilatation almost always at the root of the helix," Dr.